First started in 1999 by Frank “Golden Balls” Prasmo, then the GM of Horizon Jianguo hotel. After some months into 2000 months, he got transferred out of the spring city and so the hash folded.

Subsequently, it was re-started by Jen “Dildo Shaggings” Andersen in 2009 to 2010. Known as the Dry Hump H3 it ran for 4 runs before folding again as he too was transferred back to DC in the US.

Finally, in its most recent format was resurrected in October 2012 by Rogier “H.E.I.D.E.” Luijnenburg and John “Roomboy” Malins, also both hoteliers, and had completed 25 runs by the time of hosting the 15th Mekong Indo China Hash in November 2013.

“H.E.I.D.E.” previously hashed in Tianjin, Shanghai and Nagoya and attended the 2008/2011/2012/2013 All China Nash Hashes and was organizing committee of 2010 Japan Nash Hash.

“Roomboy” is a veteran of Istanbul, Bermuda, Mother & PJ, Singapore, Penang, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing and Tianjin hashes and has set run No 6 at world Interhashes since Goa in 2002.

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