Friday - Run Description:

A to A. Starts and finishes outside registrationarea on the 1st floor of the Kai Wah Plaza Hotel.
Distance: 9.8km
Duration: Starts 4pm. Runners 90 mins, Walkers 110 mins.

The run will go past the following landmarks:
Turn right along Yong Kang Lu, Former Red Light area. Now ladies give out business cards
HePing Lu Ladies Street (Nvren Jie) for clothing shops then left into WuJing Lu Food Street
Along Beijing Road to Yunnan ZhenZhuang Government Guest House Complex on DongFengDong Lu
TaoYuan Street Riverside Walk
Jiangbin West Road Bar Street
Yunnan No 2 peoples Hospital, then Luofeng St and DaMeiYuan Alley to
Green Lake (Cui Hu). Enter thru West Gate, Exit thru East Gate to BEER STOP!
Climb JingHong Lu, to RenMin Zhong Lu, then Yunrui Lu past V Club to YongDao St Live Animal market,
Kunming Old Street, JingXing St for Curio shopping
ZhengYi Lu Walking Street
City Centre WangFuJingwith brass mural of old city
Streetside Blind massage on ZhengYi Lu.
Golden Horse and Jade Chicken Memorial (Jin Ma Bi Ji) in Jinbi Square
Thru Sima Alley to JinRiLou Bell Tower and views of XiSi and DongSi white Pagodas.
Follow Jingde Alley thru Old Residential Area to XunJin Rd along side of Panlong river.
On home along 1st Ring Road to Beijing Road and the start. 

Golden Horse and Jade Chicken Memorial
Xi Si
Green Lake
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