Run Description:

1pm buses leave from YongKang Lu, between the Golden Dragon and Kai Wah Plaza Hotels.
A to A. Starts and finishes from restaurant
At the run site, the buses will leave and return, so take you bag into the bag room which will be secured.
Distance: Walkers/Short run 9km, Long/Rambos 13km
Elevation gain and loss: 240m Walkers/Short, 425m Long/Rambo.
Duration: Runners 100 mins, Walkers 125 mins. 

The run will follow this route:
Along the edge of Dianchi Lake through Tall Flowers and Bulrushes
Through local villages and Hutongs
A ridiculously stupid climb up a goat path half way up XiShan
BEER STOP and Walker/Short and Long/Rambo split at the XiShan Viewpoint over the city
Long /Rambo will ascend further to Mao Mao Qing before rejoining the Walker/Short trail
The trail descends past TaiHua temple, HuaTing temple, along the ‘ancient path’ and more villages.
The circle will follow within the gates of the restaurant. Pls DO NOT go outside to preserve our privacy.
Dinner with lots of local delicacies will follow at the restaurant.

Local Village
Dianchi Lake
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