W H A T    I S    H A S H I N G   ? ? ?        Hashing 是什么 ???

The Hash House Harriers are a social drinking club with a running problem. Originating in Kuala Lumpur in 1938, it is loosely based on a paper chase, where ‘hares’ set a trail, usually in flour or chalk, for the ‘hounds’ to follow, but done so as to avoid being caught. The ‘pack’ of hounds tries to help each other with calls and other tactics, whilst the hares use their markings to hold up the pack. In KL in 1938 the ‘exercise’ was undertaken to offset growing obesity amongst the British troops from the excesses of beer and a sedentary life style but to celebrate their achievements, the ‘circle’ was conducted where honors of a ‘down down’ of drinking a beer in one, were bestowed on worthy hounds and hares for their hashing and indeed non-hashing activities of the week by the hierarchy of the Grand Master, the Religious Advisor and other appointees.

If you only have half a mind to hash, then that’s all it takes!

The Hash House Harriers 是边跑边喝酒的休闲活动俱乐部. 1938年在吉隆坡开始,来自英国的一种古老的游戏-猎狗抓兔子。当猎狗追兔子时,兔子为了必须避免被抓到,用面粉或粉笔表示假路标。一群猎狗喊着互相帮助找路, 兔子写记号迟延追捕. 1938年在吉隆坡,英国人因为过量的啤酒导致肥胖,为了弥补没有健身运动,所以开展了这项活动。跑步后,为了夸张他们的运动,把荣誉的’down down’(啤酒)给兔子和猎狗。the Grand Master(主持人), the Religious Advisor(监管人)或所有人提出来的Hash活动以外的事情,也可以当作受down down名誉的理由。如果你感兴趣,就加入吧!

Contact us: kunminghashhouseharriers@gmail.com  

Roomboy: 182 0686 3206 & HEIDE 182 0687 5702

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